IHCD emergency medical technician

14 years experience front line NHS ambulance service

10 years experience Film and T.V.

CPD training incorporating:



Airway management

Medical Gases



Trauma/Medical emergencies

C spine immobilisation

Burns/Wound management

Manual handling

Infection control

Having served for many years on the frontline I gained invaluable experience dealing with medical incidents, ranging from the ridiculous to the life threatening and ultimately (sadly) the life ending.

Working on the front line can obviously be very demanding, challenging and stressful, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say a complete contrast to working as a medic in the T.V. and Commercials industry.

Although I have had to adapt the way in which I operate as a medic on set due to the minor nature of most incidents, I am however always ready, able and equipped to deal with a medical emergency when one arises.

Prior to the Ambulance service I served for 5 years in HM forces Parachute Regiment and therefore have a real sense of pride, discipline, professionalism and a team ethic.